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Businesses and professionals rely on Axon Advisors to put them in touch with just the right individual or team of subject matter experts who can provide them insight into their work. Our clients range from Fortune 100 companies, to entrepreneurs launching new products, to financial services professionals who are performing due diligence in their equity research. We put our clients in touch with individuals who are knowledgeable and have had experience in areas ranging across all sectors and industries – in all levels, functions and roles for microconsulting and large scale consulting projects. 

Premium Quality Services

QUALITY is the #1 concern end users have of expert networking and field research. Axon has achieved an unmatched 96% client satisfaction rate on projects, because our #1 concern is QUALITY. We have the highest client satisfaction rate among all expert network providers.

Flexible Subscription Options

Clients can choose from subscription models that meet their usage needs. Axon offers pay as you go plans, moderate to higher volume plans at discounted rates, and unlimited plans for the very active researchers and large companies with many end users.

Robust Compliance Practices

Axon Advisors has invested heavily in the development of strict compliance controls to reduce the risk of material non-public information being exchanged. Axon’s Compliance Framework has been thoroughly and routinely vetted and approved by leading global institutions.

Knowledgeable Project Leaders

Axon’s Team of Project Leaders is a group of seasoned industry veterans, who oversee all of Axon’s research and recruitment of experts. Their niche and extensive knowledge is invaluable in ensuring we make the right match the first time and that we satisfy every client request.


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Project Leader - Semiconductors and Telecommunications

Global Telecom Processing Equipment, Telecommunication Services


Subsea Consulting LLC

Independent Consultant, 2014 - present


Director Marketing & Sales, 2010 - 2014


Senior Director Sales & Marketing, 1991 - 2010


Istituto Tecnico Industriale

Telecommunication Engineering

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Role as Project Leader:

oversees all of Axon’s research and recruitment of experts in this industry

Antonio Belli

Global Telecom Processing Equipment, Telecommunication Services

Antonio has a telecommunication engineer background and is specialized in supporting telecommunication service providers who decided to build, operate and maintain subsea fiber optic systems. With over 25 years of exec-level telecommunications experience, he has a proven track record of results-oriented Global Initiatives in the subsea cable industry, including Business Development, Sales and Marketing, in the US and Latin America. Prior to start his own consultant company, he served as Director of Marketing and Sales at GlobeNet and during 20 years at Alcatel-Lucent, he served in executive-level positions in the EU, NA and Brazil. With a strategic focus and expertise in the subsea fiber optic cable markets, he offers a wealth of knowledge and full scale support to our customers.


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