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Businesses and professionals rely on Axon Advisors to put them in touch with just the right individual or team of subject matter experts who can provide them insight into their work. Our clients range from Fortune 100 companies, to entrepreneurs launching new products, to financial services professionals who are performing due diligence in their equity research. We put our clients in touch with individuals who are knowledgeable and have had experience in areas ranging across all sectors and industries – in all levels, functions and roles for microconsulting and large scale consulting projects. 

Premium Quality Services

QUALITY is the #1 concern end users have of expert networking and field research. Axon has achieved an unmatched 96% client satisfaction rate on projects, because our #1 concern is QUALITY. We have the highest client satisfaction rate among all expert network providers.

Flexible Subscription Options

Clients can choose from subscription models that meet their usage needs. Axon offers pay as you go plans, moderate to higher volume plans at discounted rates, and unlimited plans for the very active researchers and large companies with many end users.

Robust Compliance Practices

Axon Advisors has invested heavily in the development of strict compliance controls to reduce the risk of material non-public information being exchanged. Axon’s Compliance Framework has been thoroughly and routinely vetted and approved by leading global institutions.

Knowledgeable Project Leaders

Axon’s Team of Project Leaders is a group of seasoned industry veterans, who oversee all of Axon’s research and recruitment of experts. Their niche and extensive knowledge is invaluable in ensuring we make the right match the first time and that we satisfy every client request.


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Axon's Team of Project Leaders is Comprised of Knowledgeable Subject Matter Experts Having on Average 25 Years of Valuable Industry Experience

  • Air Cargo
  • Aircraft Cleaning Instructor
  • Aircraft Ground Accident / Incident Investigation 
  • Airline and Airport Committees for Passengers with Disabilities
  • Airline Headquarters Staff Support 
  • Airline Project Start-up and Management  
  • Airline Station Management
  • Airport/Business Development
    • C.U.T.E/C.U.P.P.S planning and implementation
    • FIDS/ Voice over IP/backbone planning and strategy
    • IATA Baggage Committee Chairperson
    • Baggage System Planning and implementation
    • Cost Saving Strategy
    • Safety management program
    • Emergency Response
  • Airport Ground Transportation Contracting
  • Air Service Development
    • Small Community Air Service Development Grant Applications
    • Essential Air Service Grant Applications
    • Detailed Market and Competitive Analysis
    • Risk Factors
  • Auditor of Safety & Regulatory Compliance
  • Aviation and Airport Security 
  • Aviation Regulatory Compliance (Security and Operations)
  • Board of Directors Adviser
  • Budget Development and Control 
  • Building Employee and Customer Relationships
  • Business Development
    • Provide vision beyond the airport
    • Multi-modal transportation hub developer
    • Incremental Revenue generation
    • Performance Metric Improvement
  • Business Development and Expansions  
  • Cargo agent
  • Charter Provider
  • Contract Handler
  • Coordination of security efforts
  • CQA Certified by J.P. Russell 8 hrs online training
  • Financial Planning and Pricing Development
  • Ground handling & Online TrsSupv.
  • Ground handling agent
  • IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) Planning and Implementation
  • Instructional design
  • ISO 9001:2000 Lead Auditor
  • Manager of Internal Evaluations Programs (IEP) / Auditor(s); Ground Handling, A/C Appearance, Maintenance, Cargo shipments / requirements.
  • Manpower Planning
    • Workforce efficiency
    • Work Rule Compliance
    • Cost Effective Cross Utilization
    • Ground Support Equipment Planning
  • Motivating, Mentoring and Staff Development 
  • New Aviation Service Companies (above the wing and below the wing) Start Ups Domestically and Internationally
  • OSHA 10hr training certification
  • Operational Audit, Management and Review  
  • Operational Gap Analysis, Planning and Process Improvement
  • Oversight/Design of Automated Dispatching and Reporting Systems for Wheelchairs, Baggage, HR and Training Data Bases 
  • Political Strategy and Planning
  • Presentation and Public Speaking 
  • Project Management
    • Capital Improvements
    • On-Site Management
    • Supplier Relations
    • Supply Chain Management
  • Security audits, including FAA drug abatement compliance (domestically)
  • Security compliance programs, facilitation
  • Security training and training records regulation
  • Staffing and Manpower Control 
  • Station Management and Controls
    • Customer Care – Strategy and performance
    • Ground Security Coordinator / Security process and procedures
    • Station Financial Controls Expert
    • Safety Management – Training and implementation
    • Station open and closing
    • Budget analysis
    • Manpower planning and implementation
    • Cost controls
    • Return on Capital Investment
    • Contract Services and performance
    • Airline metrics – Planning/strategy/performance
    • Union and non-union liaison
    • Incident analysis and investigation
  • Technology
    • Customer Service and Operations Systems Integration
      • Radios
      • FIDS
      • CCTV
      • C.U.T.E. Integration
  • Trade Association Adviser and Development
  • Training Instructor
  • Training Materials Developer
  • Union Negotiations and Handling of Labor Disputes

Axon Project Leaders in Aviation and Airport Services Team

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